Phase 1$149.99

Baywatch Body Workout Phase 1 creates an optimal foundation with corrective exercise, active stretching, balance training, and quick twitch power moves.

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Phase 2$149.99

Baywatch Body Workout Phase 2 will shock your body into even greater shape with more lean gains, more fat loss, and more strength by way of a two day split.

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Both Phases$259

Show and Go$99.99

Implementing Dynamic Rep Schemes yields lean gains, body fat loss, muscular endurance and calorie burns. My motto: CHANGE evokes CHANGE. It’s time to take action! You have to get uncomfortable to grow!

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Meal Guide$149.99

The Meal Guide brings a whole food approach to the table, with YOU as both student and leader in your kitchen.

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Macros Discovery$99.00

A discovery of macros and calorie intake numbers with personal communication from Patrick.

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